Proven Bread + Pastry is a wholesale bakery located just outside of Seattle in Woodinville’s Warehouse District. Each day, our team of bakers pulls fresh bread from our ovens, providing artisanal bread and pastries to retailers and restaurants across the region.

We’re passionate about what goes into the bread and we’re purposeful about what goes into the making of it. All of our breads feature the creamy crumb, dark, caramelized crust and delicious flavor of traditionally made bread. Not to be overshadowed, our pastries combine the comforts of classic, any-time desserts with the flavors and techniques of today.


Our team of dedicated bakers bring integrity and craft to the production of high quality, handmade breads and pastries. We pride ourselves on being a valuable partner to retail and restaurants, offering a product that not only supports a menu through functional, reliable and robust workhorses but accentuates a menu with specialty table breads and handmade pastries.

Our roots are in traditional bread-making, perfecting true, rustic sourdough built from regionally grown Shepherds Grain flour and crafted traditionally with preferment only. We’ve evolved to bring yeasted speciality breads and laminated pastries to our customers, ensuring that we have your needs covered.

Our team has the passion and patience to produce quality, flavorful and beautiful bread and pastries time and time again. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.

You can taste the difference. And so will your customers.

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Every day we pull fresh bread and pastries from our bakery and deliver to PCC Community Markets, local restaurants and coffee shops.

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Anchorhead Coffee

Barn & Field

Bread & Bone

Bunnell Family Cellar

Cast Iron Studios

The Commons

The Cottage in Bothell

Dexter Brewhouse

Hollywood Schoolhouse Bistro

Lot No. 3

Matthews Winery

Meet the Moon

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Miller's Guild

PCC Community Markets

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